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About 356 Development Advisors

Welcome to 356 Development Advisors, where innovation meets experience, and possibilities transform into reality. Established by Bruce Orr, our President, our company is built on a foundation of excellence in Real Estate Development, Corporate Finance, and Commercial Banking.

Our Vision
At 356 Development Advisors, we envision a future where every space we touch becomes a destination, reflecting our commitment to creating vibrant communities and thriving developments. Our journey is marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence, fueled by a passion for transforming ideas into enduring realities.

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Bruce Orr — President

356 Development Advisors has grown out of advisory companies founded by Bruce Orr. Mr. Orr has a background in Real Estate Development, Corporate Finance and Commercial Banking. He earned his MBA from Pepperdine University and was trained in banking and finance while with Wells Fargo Bank Commercial and Corporate Banking groups. He has vast experience in corporate finance, including merger and acquisition, ESOP and real estate financing. Mr. Orr has been intimately involved in a number of companies. He has been an advisor on operations and finance for companies, and has served as temporary CFO, COO, and other positions for companies in need of transitions. He has also worked on "Turn-Around" projects for troubled companies with a good deal of success. Mr. Orr has also spent the last twenty years working within real estate, and primarily hotel development. First as a consultant to a number of hotel companies, then as the Chief Operating Officer of, a Hotel Development firm in California. He has also served as an Executive Vice President in Charge of Hotel Development and on the Executive Board of an Arizona based Development Company. He founded 356 Advisors, Inc. in 2015 to do independent development projects, and to advise on other Hospitality related ventures. This company has evolved into 356 Development Advisors. Since founding the company, he has advised on, and been fully involved in Hospitality and Mixed-use projects in a number of locations. Along with working with the major hotel companies, Hilton. Marriott. Choice. Radisson, and others, Mr. Orr, and his team, has also worked with McDonalds, Starbucks, Dollar Tree, Auto Zone and other retail groups within development projects. 356 Advisors recently completed a large Multi-Use Development in Northern California. This project consisted of 135 luxury apartments, a 132 room all suites hotel, and about 3 acres of townhomes. Mr. Orr, and his team, found and put together this project prior to seeking development partners. Currently the company is the lead of a team working on approximately 63,000 feet of small bay industrial space in the Phoenix Arizona area. They are also evaluating multiple locations for additional projects similar to the Arizona development.

Jonathan Orr — VP Development

Jonathan Orr brings a wealth of experience and a commitment to excellence to his role at 356 Development Advisors. Before establishing himself in the real estate development arena, he honed his operational skills at DoubleTree (Hilton) Hotels, laying the foundation for a successful career. In his pivotal role at 356 Development Advisors, Jonathan focuses on current and future initiatives. Notably, he has spearheaded the identification and preliminary work on multifamily and hospitality real estate development projects, showcasing his strategic vision and adept project management skills in collaboration with 356 Development Advisors and their esteemed clients. Beyond development and redevelopment projects, Jonathan actively engages in acquisition and value-add real estate endeavors. His diverse portfolio spans retail, multifamily, residential, and industrial development, underscoring his versatility in the field. Jonathan has forged successful partnerships, working with Aventine Development on redevelopment and ground-up projects of the Fresh N Easy portfolio and collaborating with RK Properties on the acquisition and repositioning of Class A Multifamily assets. His instrumental role has facilitated the acquisition of over $100 million in commercial real estate assets for companies, investors, and developers. Since joining 356 Development Advisors, Jonathan has navigated the challenges posed by the pandemic by shifting the firm's focus to ground-up development of small bay industrial warehouses. Leading the entitlement side of these projects, he ensures a seamless transition and continued success for the firm. Simultaneously, Jonathan continues to provide expert consultation on investment and development projects. His advisory role extends to acquiring multifamily properties in the Southeast and offering strategic guidance on local projects. Jonathan's dynamic approach and comprehensive skill set make him an indispensable asset to both the team and the broader real estate development community. Jonathan lives in Eagle Idaho with his wife and two daughters. He enjoys indulging in his passion for golf, snowboarding and being outside with his family.